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60 Seconds to Better Health

60 Seconds to Better Health

60 Seconds to Better Health

Find Out Why You Need Only "60 Seconds to Better Health"

Get the facts on:
  • our dwindling food supply, 
  • why we do need vitamins & supplements, 
  • the dangers of OTC drugs, 
  • the best way to get the vitamins & supplements you need,
  • and why the rate of absorption is key.

This version is downloadable--no shipping charge--so you can view it immediately.

If I Eat Healthy Foods, Do I Need Vitamins and Supplements?

There's nothing wrong with eating right.  We should all be eating live--not processed--foods, plenty of raw fruits and veggies, and drinking plenty of water.  But with our soils so depleted, you'd have to eat 9 carrots today to equal the nutrition of one carrot 50 years ago.  

Why?  Today, the average fertilizer contains approximately three plant minerals. Those three are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Compare those three plant minerals with the sixty to seventy plant minerals that could be found in wood ashes, which were commonly used as fertilizer, until the invention of electric appliances.

Study Reveals 50 Years of Nutritional Decline in Vegetables

A British nutrient data study conducted over the course of 50 years between the years 1930 and 1980 showed a tremendous decline in the nutritional value in carrots and 19 other vegetables.

The study showed that on average:

  • iron had dropped 22%,
  • potassium dropped 14%, and
  • calcium dropped 19%.

It is always best to buy organically grown carrots, but at least you now know the reason why the nutritional value in carrots has gone down drastically.*  But that's just one example.  

And remember, when you buy organic fruits and veggies, "organically grown" simply means they were grown without the use of pesticides.  It doesn't guarantee a higher nutritional content.

Let's Talk About Mineral Depletion...

Nutritionist Dr. David Thomas gave the following findings on mineral depletion (published in the Journal of the McCarrison Society for Nutrition  & Health, Vol. 17:no 2, 2003.)

Between 1940 and 1991, vegetables were depleted of:

  • 76% of their copper
  • 49% of their sodium
  • 46% of their calcium
  • 27% of their iron
  • 24% of their magnesium
  • 16% of their potassium

During that same time period, fruits were depleted of:

  • 19% of their copper
  • 29% of their sodium
  • 16% of their calcium
  • 24% of their iron
  • 15% of their magnesium
  • 22% of their potassium

Eating right just isn't enough!  Nutritional supplementation is necessary to give your body the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals it needs for vibrant health.  But what's the best way to take those supplements to get the most bang--and effect--for your buck? 

Why Eating Right Just Isn't Enough.  Really.

In today's fast-paced world of stress, toxins, pollutants, and increasing depression, eating right--especially with the depleted nutritional value of our food supply (organic or not), the need for nutritional supplementation is essential to achieve and maintain optimal health.  

For example, stress depletes our bodies of B vitamins, which influence several important bodily functions that oversee the production of energy, the health of the skin, nervous, and digestive system, normal growth and development, and much more.  B vitamins are water soluble, meaning our bodies don't store them, and we need to replenish them daily--even throughout the day--to maintain levels sufficient to combat the negative effects of environmental, emotional, and physical stresses we encounter on a regular basis.  

So, do you want to stop what you're doing to eat a nice helping of calf liver, spinach, sunflower seeds, cauliflower, and more? And by the way, even if you have the time (and the food budget) to do so, Is your digestive system working at 100% capacity?  

Even if you ate all those good foods, how much of the available nutrients did you actually absorb?  After all, it's not what you take, it's what you absorb that matters!

What Supplement Method Provides the Best Rate of Absorption?

Discover the best delivery system available for maximum rate of absorption, purity, and effect.  Then you, along with our many satisfied customers, will truly know why you need only "60 Seconds to Better Health."

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